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                關於增脸色一变你強 代理產品 解決方案 最新動態 投資人專區
                  Zenitron Sensor less field oriented control (FOC) motor drive evaluation board
                  Zenitron Class-D Bluetooth Speaker 60W
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                Zenitron Solution60W藍芽喇叭參考設計

                l   60W藍芽喇叭參考設計規劃音訊放大器、Type C、藍芽】等功能,並採用Cypress MCU, Type C, Bluetooth,以及Infineon Class-D AMP, Rohm 功率元件, Diode二極管 等方案

                l   適用於攜帶型電源喇叭、無線藍◤芽喇叭、Docking喇叭、家用Sound bars、多房◣間音頻系統、家庭劇院系統

                l   增你強FAE團隊提供專業技術諮●詢服務,為客♀戶解決產品在測試◥、使用、量產所遇到的∮問題,縮短神兽產品研發時程及零組件的搭配,主動提供完整的技術資⊙料,以支援客戶開發☆設計的工作,進直接朝青帝狠狠刺了过去而創造需求與商機。



                Specification description


                Audio Amplifier :

                        Peak 2 x 80 W sine 1 kHz (RMS)

                into 4 Ω (10 %THD + N)

                        Peak 2 x 40 W sine 1 kHz (RMS)

                into 8 Ω (10 % THD + N)

                        Continuous 2 x 9.0 W sine 1 kHz (RMS)

                into 4 Ω (less than 0.02% THD + N)


                        Over-temperature warning/error

                        Short-circuit/overload protection

                        Power stage pin-to-pin short-circuit

                        Error-reporting through serial interface (I2C)

                        DC protection

                        I2C control (four selectable addresses)

                        Heatsink free operation with EPAD-down package


                        Fixed-function USB Type-C and Power Delivery controller supporting USB-PD Rev 3 and Type-C Rev 1.2

                        Integrated precision Rd and dead-battery Rd termination resistors

                        Integrated regulator to power from VBUS

                        Supports a high-voltage P-MOSFET gate driver with slew-rate control

                        Supports on-chip OVP and UVP to protect system from faults

                        System level ESD protection on CC, VBUS, DP and DM pins. ±8kV Contact Discharge and ±15kV Air Gap Discharge

                        based on IED61000-4-2 Level 4C


                        Bluetooth 5.0, ADC, PWM, UART, I2C, SPI

                        Module size: 12.00 mm × 15.50 mm × 1.95 mm

                        Bluetooth 4.2 Smart Ready module

                        Castellated solder pad connections for ease-of-use

                        512-KB on-module serial flash memory

                        Up to 11 GPIOs

                        Temperature range: –30 °C to +85 °C

                        Cortex-M3 32-bit processor

                        Maximum TX output power:

                        +12 dBm for Bluetooth Classic

                        +9 dBm for Bluetooth Low Energy

                        RX Receive Sensitivity:

                        –93.5 dBm for Bluetooth Classic, 1Mbps, GFSK

                        –96.5 dBm for Bluetooth Low Energy

                       Certified to FCC, ISED, MIC, and CE regulations.



                檔案下載: Zenitron Class-D Bluetooth Speaker 60W  pdf  ( 931K )